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"We've always felt our dogs were most comfortable at home, not removed from their environment. We have the pleasure of helping other families in need of the same care we were looking for for our pets. We are true animals lovers and there’s nothing better than spending our days caring for your furry loved ones!" - LoMar Pet Care

Animal-lover Lois always dreamed of owning a pet care business! Shortly after Lois and her husband Marvin moved to Florida, they went on vacation and left their beloved dogs with an in-home pet sitter. Unfortunately, they came home to their dogs with fleas and a desperate need for a grooming. This experience, plus Lois' passion for animals, inspired her to start her own pet care business in 2006. It started with caring for one dog and one cat, and grew so fast that Lois happily embraced Marvin's help. That is when LoMar (Lois + Marvin) Pet Care was born! With even more growth, Lois and Marvin's daughter, Rian, joined the team in 2010.


About LoMar Pet Care



LoMar Pet Care is based mainly off of recommendations. We believe that the pets are the ones who give us recommendations. When your pet is happy, you're happy!

“Our kitty, Abby, looks forward to seeing LoMar which encourages our travel. She’s always pampered by ‘Uncle Marvin’.  We breathe easier knowing that they are taking care of and loving our darling. They’re always dependable. It’s good to know someone is at the house on a daily basis and the mail is taken in. Lois makes scheduling seamless and is genuinely interested about our health and well-being as well as our kitty. LoMar is the best!” - Jane Domidion & Louis Carangelo


“After moving to Florida 11 years ago it was my good fortune to be introduced to LoMar Pet Care. When I’m away from home for any length of time I can leave with certain knowledge my pets both winged and pawed will be looked after with love and commitment. Animals seem to know and trust the LoMar individuals who come to care for them.” - Joan Schwartzman


“LoMar has taken care of our 2 pups for over 7 years. We never worry about them or our home while we are away. The pups love them. They even saved them from a stray dog once on a walk. Dependable, caring & kind.” - Anita & Robert Burton


“Not all of us can do great things but we can all do small things with GREAT LOVE. Mother Teresa hit it on the head if she were describing the LoMar family. They have been taking care of our cats since we moved to Florida 7 years ago. They do it with great love and give great attention to our kitties. It is wonderful to have them in our lives. We have recommended them to other families that feel the same. We don’t know what we would do without them.” - Kathy and Bill Steffens


“’Uncle Marvin’, ‘Aunt Lois’ & ‘Cousin Rian’ have been taking care of all my kitties since 2003. They are my kitties’ very best non-furry friends. When I travel I never worry because I know they’re being well taken care of.  LoMar always keep them clean and makes sure they’re okay. I love the pictures that they send me through text message so I can even see my sweet babies while I’m away. The LoMar family is thoughtful, kind and caring and are always there for me and my kitties." - Janet Goodstein

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